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Getting to know something new is a great activity for the mind, so we offer to download PDF or read any books online for free in our catalog. Connoisseurs of history will be interested in the works of Antony Beevor, a British scientist who, in addition to boring scientific works, writes wonderful books on the history of the XX century. A particularly striking theme of his works is The Second world war. They passed on, and the experience of his service in tank units on the frontier with socialist Germany (part of it was and Germany). His most famous work is the fundamental research of the Spanish Civil War (which became a bestseller in Spain) and Stalingrad. The original view from the outside on these events can be called controversial, but it also needs to be studied. He also created a number of historical novels. You can find in our catalog and books of other genres, which can be read online for free or downloaded in PDF format.